We offer two types of grants to colleges and universities committed to improving the representation of women graduating with computing degrees: Best Practice and Data.

Comparing the Grants

Grant Type

Best Practice


Size and Eligibility

200+ computing graduates annually

100+ computing graduates annually


$500,000 to $2 million



Two to five years

Two years


Implementation – To implement highly tailored interventions based on well-known best practices

Diagnostic – To equip departments with comprehensive data on student retention


Quickly increase the percentage of women graduating in computing at your institution

Gain a deeper understanding of precisely where students are lost and gained in computing at your institution


Best Practice Grant recipients also participate in our data collection initiative.

Best Practice Grant applicants that are deferred may be eligible for a Data Grant to help them more accurately diagnose issues and be better positioned to apply in a later round.

At the conclusion of a Best Practice Grant, schools have the option to apply for a Data Grant to continue tracking student retention.

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Please note: Computing is defined as category 11 by the National Center for Education Statistics’ Classification for Instructional Programs (CIP).