Data Grants support the collection and analysis of key institutional and demographic data, equipping schools to make real, systemic change. This data allows partner schools to learn precisely where they are losing or gaining students. They can use this information to identify the most appropriate broadening participation strategies.

Partner schools receive $60,000 over two years during which they submit data once per term. For schools on a semester system, this totals four times. Data collection captures enrollment, retention, and graduation data. Specifically:

  • Student enrollment and persistence and faculty/TA support in introductory CS courses
  • Term-to-term retention and graduation of computing majors
  • Gender and race/ethnicity of all students


Partner schools must have nonprofit status and graduate 100 or more computing majors annually, as defined by category 11 from the National Center for Education Statistics’ Classification for Instructional Programs (CIP). Priority will be given to larger programs and those with large populations of Black, Latinx, and/or Indigenous women. Leadership must demonstrate commitment to the Center’s mission and Project Leads should be computing faculty with the seniority to manage the grant and ensure access to necessary data.

We seek partners that demonstrate a combination of three factors:

  • Readiness. Every school faces unique challenges to broadening participation. Department chairs and faculty should be ready to assess what is or is not working, particularly in the introductory course sequence. Schools must demonstrate the ability to access the necessary data.
  • Level of Commitment. Key leaders, specifically department chairs, are supportive and active participants in the data collection process.
  • Urgency to Act. Institutional leaders and faculty are ready and eager to implement actions based on data analysis.

Timing & Deadlines

We will award 10-15 Data Grants each year and anticipate supporting as many as 40 schools over the next four years. The current round opens September 4, 2020 with applications due October 23, 2020.



Application Process


Stage One


Applicants submit two years of institutional data and a short letter of intent. Apply here

Letters of intent are evaluated based on readiness to learn, ability to access data, and the level of buy-in and commitment from leadership and faculty.

Stage Two


Partner schools will receive $60,000 over a two-year period, completing the data survey once per term (four times total).

A Technical Advisor is available to provide feedback and guidance on data collection and analysis.

Stage Three


At the end of the grant, schools are required to submit a final report indicating how they will use what they learned for future broadening participation efforts.

They can continue to participate in the survey (without funding) and are invited to apply for a Best Practice Grant.