Closing the Demographic Gaps

The center’s mission is to substantially increase the representation of all people majoring in computing across the United States. We do this by partnering with nonprofit colleges and universities with large computing programs (200 graduates or more per year) to implement evidence-based practices that support the recruitment, enrollment, and graduation of historically underrepresented groups majoring in computing.

To succeed, we seek partners that demonstrate a combination of three factors:

  • Readiness. The unique characteristics of the institution will enable the ambitious increase of women and underrepresented groups in computing.
  • Level of commitment. Key institutional leaders are supportive and will participate in the initiative—a demonstrated dedication to making the center’s mission a reality.
  • Urgency to act. Leaders are eager to implement the evidence-based practices in the near term.


A woman works on a laptop in 102 West Village H

How We’re Making an Impact

The center will provide grant funding and technical support to colleges and universities seeking to implement evidence-based best practices that have been shown to increase the representation of underrepresented groups in computing programs.

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It is important that everyone feels like they are welcome in computing.”

Carla Brodley, Professor and Dean of Khoury College of Computer Sciences, Executive Director of the Center for Inclusive Computing